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Reading Matters WORKSHOP

University of California, Berkeley

SEPTEMBER 14 - 15, 2018

Articulating and performing a mode of reading that responds to the challenges of the present has been a constant endeavor not only in literary studies, but in all academic disciplines. Technological and scientific developments require us to constantly reflect on what it means to read and make sense of texts and events as conveyed through various mediatic forms, and across disparate and various global, historical, political, and cultural contexts and specificities. In focusing on the matter (i.e. DNA, architecture, landscapes, bodies, international waters, codes, satellite images, networks, urban infrastructure) of reading, Reading Matters aims to test generative forms of reading that can be thought of as not only a methodology, but a skill that supports us in addressing the challenges of our time. 

As the first event in the Reading Matters series, this two-day workshop at UC Berkeley will provide participants with the unique opportunity to work closely with professors and graduate students to explore alternative modes of reading through intensive seminars with the four faculty instructors.

For more information, please download the poster and requisite reader.

Questions? Please contact us at readingmatters@princeton.edu or pattydunlap@berkeley.edu


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Reading Matters CONFERENCE

Princeton University


A three-day conference convening in Princeton, New Jersey that brings together luminary scholars from the fields of the sciences, humanities, and design, to propose and discuss diverse and interdisciplinary methods for reading practices. The conference is free and open to the public. Registration is required, as seating is limited.

Full conference details will be uploaded in mid-October.

Questions? Please contact us at readingmatters@princeton.edu. To register, click the button below.