Recorded Lectures

Videos of recorded sessions are available below and on the Reading Matters YouTube Channel.


“Compost-ography and Embodied Narratives”

Angela Creager + Donna Haraway

This event was included a screening of Fabrizio Terranova’s documentary Donna Haraway: Stories of Survival, which is not included in the recording. The film is available through Icarus Films.

Introduction by Eduardo Cadava.

Length | 1:07:32

“Elemental Readings”

Eduardo Cadava + Stefan Helmreich

Introduction by Caroline Durlacher.

Length | 1:57:27

“Reading Force(s)”

Karen Barad + Daniela Gandorfer

Introduction by Zulaikha Ayub.

Length | 2:19:00

“Reading Climaxes : High Points of Reading”

Katrin Pahl + Gayle Salamon

Introduction by Mari Jarris.

Length | 1:58:56

“Reading Matter (in)formation”

Sanford Kwinter + Patricia J. Williams

Introduction by Sheila Lin.

Length | 2:12:26

“Minor-Legibility : Multiplying Illegibility”

Jack Halberstam + Debarati Sanyal

Introduction by Simone Stirner.

Length | 2:01:00